Choosing a Dog

Given that there are so many dog breeds, what factors should you take into consideration to make sure that you are getting the breed that is right for you? Choice of a breed is a matter that should never be taken lightly. Considering that you expect to live with the dog for the rest of your lives, choosing the wrong breed could mean a life of misery for both of you. Choosing the wrong breed could also mean that you’ll soon get tired of your furry friend who might soon end up in a shelter.
Choose a breed whose temperament matches yours
Different dog breeds have different temperaments and knowing the temperament of the breed you are going for could help both you and dog live happily. If you are an assertive person who can’t stand bad behavior and has no issues disciplining the guilty party, the dog breeds known for their aggression would be ideal for you. Of course you’ll not bringing such a dog home with the intention that it will hurt your neighbors, visitors or other pets but with your kind of temperament you’ll be in a position to train the dog properly.
An aggressive dog and a passive person are a mismatch and their relationship can never be fulfilling. Naturally unable to put his or her foot down, the passive person will also not be in a position to control the dog. Guard dog breeds that end up with passive owners never learn to lose their aggression and the consequences are sometimes tragic. When such dogs are never trained to lose their aggression, they take it out on neighbors or visitors while thinking that they are protecting their owner.
Consider your energy level and that of the dog
If you are highly energetic person who is capable of jogging several miles a day, you should also choose an equally energetic dog. Should you choose a dog that needs plenty of daily physical activities yet you are a person who is always comfortable lounging, you can be sure that you’ll have a very poor relationship. Regardless of the training you offer, such a dog will still have to expend the energy and if you can’t help, the dog could engage in destructive behavior such as chasing cats and other pets around.
The choice of a dog breed should be made based on factual info which you can only get after conducting massive research. It is only through this that you can be sure you’ll enjoy a fulfilling relationship with your dog. Author – Minneapolis pressure washing